What is Promotional Sampling?

Distributing samples of new products or significantly improved products is used to create consumer awareness of a new or improved brand.
Most often, promotional sampling is done for new brands as a way of introducing them to the public so they will know the products are available in the markets.

Product Sampling vs. Flyer/Brochure/Letter Advertising
Consumers want to be able to touch, smell, see and try a new product before buying the full size version of it. This makes promotional sampling an attractive option for a company promoting a new product.
Flyers, brochures and letters can only present words and pictures and no matter how well they may be done, cannot match a sample of a product put in the customer's hands.

What needs to be Considered When Planning and Preparing Samples for Distribution
Preparing for product sampling takes careful planning, especially for the size of the sample.
It should not be so small the consumer doesn't get a good idea of the product's value but it should also not be too large.
For products such as shampoos that have multiple uses per package of the full size, two or three uses for the sample are ideal. For edible products, a small serving large enough to get a good taste of it is sufficient.

Is it better to Give Samples in Shopping Areas or Other Public Places, or Send Them to Letterboxes
Generally, it is usually more advantageous for promotional sampling if there is immediate feedback and the consumer is in a place where the product can be purchased since the sample will have the product on the minds of consumers. Some products may do as well or better when sent to people's letterboxes as they may be product types that need to be tried in the home, such as a new laundry detergent or air freshener.

Is There Greater Value and Benefit in Producing and Distributing Product Samples than in Sending Flyers
Flyers are composed of just words and images. Product sampling, however, is getting a little bit of the product and it is more often than not used. Being able to try a product leads consumers to look for it on their market shelves when they next go shopping.

Which Companies should Use Promotional Sampling to Create Product Awareness
The companies that use product sampling the most are those that manufacture consumable products. These are products that come in a container for use one or more times and then purchased again. This includes cleaning products, food products, personal hygiene products, etc.

How Should a New Product Campaign Be Launched for the Most Impact
The best way to launch a campaign for a new product is to begin creating a buzz about the product before the sample giveaway starts.
A combined strategy of ads in various media (including social media like Facebook and Twitter), flyers distributed directly into people's hands and letters sent, all announcing the product and giving the times and locations of sample distribution. Signs posted in the giveaway locations announcing the soon to be available samples will have people returning for those samples.
People like to get free samples of products to try so when they know when and where they will be available there will be a larger turnout to get them. This puts the product into the hands of more people and results in more purchases, sometimes the same day the sample is given out.

The Importance of Getting the Design and Message Right on the Sample
Product sampling carries a lot of weight in the success of a new product so as much care needs to be taken in its design and the message in its promotion as is taken with the presentation of the full size version of the product.
The packaging needs to be attractive and should be a smaller version of the regular product. Promotional material, such as ads, also should be attractive and reflect well for the product and the sample. It should entice and not be a hard sell.
It definitely should make believable claims for the product. The samples have to be the same quality as the product in every way with only the size being different.

Promotional Leaflet Distribution Services

What is a Promotional Leaflet/Booklets Distribution?
A promotional leaflet distribution is when you decide that you would like someone or a team of people to go out to public places and promote your business by handing out a leaflet or flyer or booklet to the general public.

Ozone Media offers high quality and economical leaflet distribution services in London and inside M25.
What we do is organize the whole thing including selecting the right people to act as the face of your business, for that set time period, strategically positioning them at railway stations, shopping centres, town squares, parks or other suitable locations.
To make it even more effective we recommend that you supply us with branded T-shirts, Caps and any other clothing or materials for our teams to wear while they are in the field. By doing this the exposure to your business is multiplied. It is a great way to increase the branding of your business and whatever you are selling.

When should you choose promotional leaflet distribution over letterbox distribution?

  • If you are launching a new product and want people to trial it or test it immediately
  • If you have an event that is coming up within a week and need to generate greater, immediate interest
  • Create excitement and a buzz around your business opening, a special event, an upcoming festival or fair, etc.
  • To boost brand awareness of your business in a particular area.
  • To drive traffic and consumers to your website for an online special that you are promoting.

Targeted Letterbox Distribution Services

Ozone Media provides cutting edge letterbox distribution services across London and inside M25.
Contact us now and get the best return on your letterbox distribution campaign.


  • Letterbox distribution is cheaper and provides better return than any other form of advertising
  • Letterbox distribution can be targeted to a specific demographic or area so your money is not wasted
  • Letterbox distribution is fast and immediate - results are instant
  • Letterbox distribution is a powerful branding tool
  • Letterbox distribution is authoritative & reliable

Whatever the size of your business - small, medium or large - if you have something to sell and you are trying to target local customers in your direct vicinity or you have an online business that you are trying to promote - then letterbox marketing through flyer distribution is the BEST way to target your marketing and put something directly in the hands of potential customers.
A brochure, leaflet, sample, booklet, newsletter, etc. are all tangible.
They can be held, felt, read, studied or kept for later, passed onto others and used for reference.
It is real! And that is what people love about letterbox distribution. They don't need to make a decision instantly. They are in control.