Live Billboards

Used when a targeted location is not positioned where in the optimal traffic position, live billboards notify the public that the site is nearby and the deal is literally right down the street.
Held by a Ozone Media staff member, Live Billboards measure 7 feet high by 4 feet wide and create the awareness that the designated location is nearby.
Live Billboards can be supported by leaflets/discount vouchers distribution. Leaflets dispenser can be attached to the specified place of the billboard and leaflets distributed by our staff or taken directly by pedestrians.
Many times the best way of marketing your product or service is by ensuring enough people are delivering your message.
Our people are here to help reinforce the message and can operate either stand alone or en masse.

 Project Information 

Campaign duration Cost per person per day
1-2 days £180
3-5 days £170
6-10 days £160
11+ days £150
All prices are exclusive of VAT.
The above is our basic tariff - please contact us for a quotation providing all necessary information about your campaign.
Please note that minimum charge is for 1 working day (8 hours) within Greater London and minimum 3 working days outside Greater London.

Extra charge will apply:
  • For additional time over 8 hours a day;
  • For late evening / night campaigns;
  • During weekends / Bank Holidays / Eastern / Christmas / Any Other Holidays;
  • Transport and/or travel time cost may apply depends on a location / size and duration of the campaign.

We expect that any Art Work will be supplied by the client. However we can arrange printing if required. Extra charge for that service will apply.